Review: The Dragon Republic by R.F. Kuang

The Dragon Republic (The Poppy War, #2)

The Dragon Republic

Author: R.F. Kuang

Publisher: Harper Voyager

Published: August 8, 2019

Pages: 658

Format: My Hardcover copy

Oh. My. Gosh.

I am so shattered from this book. I knew to expect heart break but wow.. I was not prepared. I am not going to get into spoilers.. just a heads up to be in the right mood. The mood to be destroyed and cry your eyes out. Am I being dramatic? Maybe just a touch.

I’m going to start with an explanation as to why this took me so long to read. It’s not because there’s anything wrong with this book but because my son is teething and I didn’t have as much night time reading. Also, I was about 200 pages out from the ending and I won’t lie.. I just had a feeling things were going to be insane and I was putting off finishing it. lol

This is really different than book one because we are in a completely different part of the world and on ships most of the book. It was interesting and the world building was awesome but there is no more school setting. They are all out in the world now and in the middle of this crazy war. I have to say that the politics in this book are on another level. Ah, it was tense and I didn’t know who to believe at first. There’s a lot of that in this book and it’s a slow read but not in a bad way. There’s a lot to take in. I really enjoyed learning so much more about the gods and the power that comes with it.

I did find myself relieved about Rin’s personal struggle. In a way, I feel like shes’ a lot more human in this one because she’s not in a great place. She’s struggling with her decisions in book 1. It’s good to know that she’s not just powering on like it was no big deal. I will stop there in case you haven’t read book 1. Although, if you haven’t read book 1.. you shouldn’t be reading this anyways. lol There were times that I was annoyed with her because of how she treated the Cike. I do understand why she’s such a follower in this book but it was hard to take at times.

One of my absolute favorite things about this entire book is KITAY! Seriously, he’s my favorite and I loved his arc in this book. Okay, I didn’t so much love his arc but I loved his sarcastic and hilarious remarks/observations on his journey. He really lightened up the mood a lot and I love how he really becomes one of the most important people from the very beginning. His brain is just amazing to see play out on the pages.

Kitay shook his head. “No, that’s what you get when you’ve killed all the brave men and let the cowards decide.”

Of course, OF COURSE this book killed me. Ugh, I’m definitely still having a book hangover from this one. It’s a lot emotionally but it’s so good. I really can’t believe that ending! So crazy and definitely did not see that coming. I’m still hoping by some chance that it’s a dream. hahaha. I’m not going to give details because.. spoilers..

This was such a great follow up to TPW. I really can’t wait to start the next book. I’m lucky enough to have gotten an e-ARC and I’ve started but after a chapter… I had to stop. I just am not ready!!

I’m so sorry if my thoughts are all over the place. This was really hard to write and my mind is still blown!

3 thoughts on “Review: The Dragon Republic by R.F. Kuang

  1. Great review Leslie, I’m glad you loved it so much. Books that tear your heart out are the best, even though you end up crying your eyes out aha! I have heard so much about this series, I really must start it soon!


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