Review: A Promised Land by Barack Obama

A Promised Land

Title: A Promised Land

Author: Barack Obama

Publisher: Crown Publishing Group

Published: November 17, 2020

Pages: 751

Format: audiobook

If you are any kind of a history buff, you need to read this. Even if you aren’t then it’s still a great read. I’m not a history buff at all and enjoyed it. It lets us look into the other side. I heard so many crazy theories and things being from a Republican family. I am not, by the way. Anyway, it’s amazing to hear his side and his struggles. I’m absolutely in awe of his hope and faith in humanity. He genuinely wants America to be a better place for everyone!

I loved his insights into many of his policies and bills that he tried to get passed. Especially, the ones that he got the most criticism for from the Right. For example, Obamacare. It was insanely difficult on so many ends and the amount of work that went into it is fascinating. I know that it gets a lot of hate right now but it really does help so many people. When are we going to realize that he generally was just trying to help people! It’s really all that it comes down to. Sometimes people need to put aside their political views and become human for a moment.

If you loved Michelle’s book and it’s why you wanted to read this one, it’s totally different. Michelle’s is more about their life before and their family. His is heavily based on the different things he accomplished and wanted to accomplish in his presidency. He does talk about his family at times but it’s not the focus of this book. Although, some of the instances that he talks about Michelle did crack me up. They are both so very funny. He surprised me by how much he made me laugh. It was a little surprising to also hear him use the f-bomb the first time. haha. This book is quite literally about the “Promised Land”.

I enjoyed my time with President Obama. I found this book rather interesting, even if things went over my head or dragged a little bit. This is a really long audiobook but I 100% recommend you read it that way! I really miss the Obama’s in the Whitehouse and I hate that Trump tries to take credit for the things Obama worked tirelessly for. It’s also very sad to see him try to destroy the unity that the Obama’s created in our nation. I know that President Obama will never see this but I just want to say, Thank you.

7 thoughts on “Review: A Promised Land by Barack Obama

  1. I recently bought this book, and ditto to your thoughts on the importance of his contributions and how sad it is that the current (soon past!) administration has done to destroy unity and, yes, good things in this country.

    I will be reading it slowly, of course, in between other books…it is pretty long! Thanks for the great review.

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    • Yes, absolutely! He did so much for a lot of it to be torn down the last four years. Thankfully, we’ve got him leaving the building soon!! Definitley take your time. It’s a slow one but it’s really interesting. I hope you enjoy it!! 🙂


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