T.T.T. Most Anticipated for First Half of 2021!

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Each week there is a new topic for bloggers to choose and list their top ten. This week is the Top Ten Most Anticipated Releases for the First Half of 2021.

Ohhh, this is going to make me want to go on a pre-order craze!! I am so excited for many books. These are in no particular order, just when they popped into my head. Here we go…

Namesake (Fable, #2)
A Vow So Bold and Deadly (Cursebreakers, #3)
A ​Court of Silver Flames (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #4)
Chain of Iron (The Last Hours, #2)
Blade of Secrets (Bladesmith, #1)
The Soulmate Equation
The Four Winds
Malibu Rising
Heartstopper: Volume Four (Heartstopper #4)

Okay, well I guess I don’t have that many books because this took me WAY too long and I didn’t even hit 10. I can’t wait to blog hop and see what everyone is waiting on and growing my TBR!

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy ❤

45 thoughts on “T.T.T. Most Anticipated for First Half of 2021!

  1. I go preorder crazy a bit too often. 😉 Haven’t read any of the books in Brigid’s series, but they sound SO interesting; hopefully when I finally read them, I can binge them all together. Hope you enjoy all of these 2021 releases.

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    • It’s so easy to do, especially when you don’t pay until it ships. haha. Ohh, yes.. binge reading the series is the way to go! I found that I’m really enjoying doing that. Although, only with backlisted series. I have a hard time waiting with current series! lol


  2. Haha today’s topic is going to be so bad for my TBR list on Goodreads and my bank is most definitely going to hate me by the end of this year (as per usual)! 😂 Namesake and CLo were on my list today as well, but I’m also SUPER excited for TJR’s new book. I hope you enjoy all of these, Leslie!

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    • Girl, same. I knew that I would find so many more books!! I feel you on the bank situation too! lol. I mean.. it shouldn’t surprise me by now! I do need to TRY and hold back a bit this year.. I do have plenty I own to read. HAHA.


  3. Okay, I know I want those first fives ones. NOW. This is why I avoided this week’s TTT. I’m trying to focus more on my TBR pile and reading challenges this year, rather than going berserk over books yet to release (because the *torment* of it!). Hope you find all these goodies coming your way soon!

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    • Oh gosh, I completely understand what you are saying. I was trying to do that last year. I didn’t request any ARC’s until summer and then went crazy with book buying. It’s so hard to focus on what’s in front of you!!! I’m trying to do better this year and just pre-order ones that I will read ASAP! No more buying books to sit on my shelves for later.

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  4. Chain of Iron is my #1 anticipated book for the first half of this year (I pre-ordered it in July in case I didn’t have money when it came out). I only came up with 8 for the first half of the year (but there are also several I’m looking forward to in the 2nd half).

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    • That’s awesome!! I still need to pre-order it! haha. I have sooo many in the second half of the year. A few that were supposed to come out in the first half were pushed. Made this list harder!


  5. Yay for so many good books to look forward to! I just got approved for The Soulmate Equation—I’m still in shock that it happened. 😉 Still a bit surly that I didn’t get Namesake yet. Ha!

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