T.T.T. Hopes for 2021!

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Each week there is a new topic for bloggers to choose and list their top ten. This week is the Top Ten Resolutions/Hopes for 2021 (bookish or not!)

I didn’t really make any resolutions. I just have plans.. is that the same thing? I’m not sure.

I will have a mix of personal and bookish.


  • I have started Blogilates, which is a program to exercise and mostly pilates. I love that it’s only 3.99 for the app and there’s a DAILY schedule. That’s right, someone else has made up my plan of attack for the day. My best friend is doing it with me and it helps soo much to do it with someone else. We are almost a week in and I AM SORE. I really gained with the last year of quarantine and I need to get healthier. This is the first step.
  • I’m hoping that Covid will settle a bit by the fall so we can start trying for baby #2. I’m still a bit unsure about it. I am automatically high risk (many know what happened with Oliver) and have extra surgery involved. It’s a lot with a kid and Covid restrictions, we will see. I guess… I want to solidify a decision the first half of the year. haha
  • It’s my goal to make my husband and I have a date night at least once a week. It’s been over a year since our last date. CRAZY. It’s been really hard because of COVID. I am thinking about a date box or just making sure we set aside some time to spend together when Oliver goes to bed or something. Obviously, I don’t know when we can go out again.. but yeah.
  • I really want to get a few of my wish list plants this year! I am also hoping to be able to start trading some of my cuttings. Haha…
  • I am wanting to really purge our house. We have so much stuff and we want to move at the end of the year. I need to lighten our load to have less packing to do!


  • It is my goal to reach 1,000 blogger followers this year. I’ve been stuck at 600ish for a while. I really just want to hit that 1,000 and I will feel like I made it. haha. I think it’s a HUGE goal and I do not expect to hit it!
  • I want to read slower. I feel like I devoured books last year and I got to 218. I think I want to take some more time. Not pressure myself to read so many books.
  • Less TBR’s!! I really hate them because I’m a mood reader. I have two yearly challenges and I have books set for that but I don’t really want to make any others. I just want to solely follow my mood this year.
  • I want to be more present on my bookish social media. I admit, I am not very active at times. It’s a lot with a toddler that you have 24/7 and he’s constantly teething. haha. But really… I want to engage more because I love this community.
  • I really want to tackle more of my own books. I did so good last year and read over 100. It’s nowhere near enough now because I also bought soo many! haha. I really need to tone that down this year and read more of my own.

This was a bit personal but hey… why not!! I can’t wait to learn a bit more about you! ❤

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy ❤

33 thoughts on “T.T.T. Hopes for 2021!

  1. I joined a gym for the first time about a month ago. There’s only been like 3-4 other people there at one time and everyone has to clean machines after themselves so it’s pretty good on COVID restrictions, but I AM SORE as well! lol.

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    • That’s great to hear! I really wish I could join a gym but with my little one, it makes it so much easier to do it at home! So glad they are taking COVID seriously! Haha… I have been sore this whole month!! Good for you, such an awesome thing to do though! 🙂


  2. I need to read more of my own books, too. I don’t buy many but somehow they seem to pile up and as soon as I own a book I don’t feel the emergency to read it like I do library books. My TTT

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    • Yes! I feel the same way. I think ooo I need to return these soon but since I own the others, I feel no rush to read them. I really need to be better about just reading my own books.


  3. I’m definitely more about plans than actual resolutions! then if I don’t do them it’s more… okay? lol. Seriously though, good luck with your goals and hoping 2021 is a great reading year for you. Let’s hope that Covid is better in a few months!!!

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    • Hahah.. that’s it exactly.. it’s better and less pressure, maybe? lol. I know, I really hope that COVID is better for all of us soon!! So so hopeful!! We all need to see our families and be able to live again. I hope 2021 is amazing for you!


  4. Great plans, Leslie! I can definitely relate to your bookish ones especially but I had a personal exercise goal on my list today as well. As long as it feels good I’m definitely hoping to keep more physically active this year 😂 I also hope to tackle more of the books that I already have on my shelves and to be more present on social media (especially bookstagram)! Good luck with all these plans–you got this 😃

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    • Thank you!! Yes, it’s so frustrating when your body just fails. I have to get my cervix stitched now with any other pregnancy (twice with my first) and it’s not fun. Sooo… trying to prepare for that. Totally thinking about adopting a third later on!


  5. Love date night! My partner and I have had a standing date to cook something special and watch a movie every Sunday since the whole pandemic started–it’s a nice way to spend some relaxed time together, and not feel like we’re missing grandiose out-of-our-home date nights, haha. Good luck with your resolutions!

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    • Yes! I totally did that. The amount of books I read was insane but I wish I would have stayed with some a little longer. It took me a whole month to read The Way of Kings and Addie LaRue.. two of my top 5 star reads of the year. I think it helps to just really take it all in!

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  6. These are all great goals, Leslie! I’m always so jealous of mood readers. I thrive on TBRs, making lists, and high expectations. If I tried to leave it to mood reading, I’d end up just watching television. Ha! But I really wish I could be more like that. I try to allow some form of mood reading by picking various options for my challenge prompts. That’s about the best I can do. 😉 My kids are older, but my husband and I have been going out to pick up food through drive-thrus, parking in the parking lot and eating, and then driving back through to pick up and take home food for the kids. That’s our version of a “date night” right now. lol Good luck with your goals in 2021!

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    • Oh my gosh!! I am actually jealous of you! hahaha. I wish I was less of a mood reader because I LOVE lists and plans in all other aspects of life. I feel like when my mood tanks, I don’t get any reading done, at all. For example, it’s been a rough start and I’ve only finished TWO books!! haha. Oh, that’s an absolute win for you guys!!! Definitely a great way to have a date night!


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