W.W.W 2/10/21

This is a weekly meme hosted by, Taking on a World of Words. It’s where we talk about the Three W’s:

What are you currently reading?

What did you recently finish reading?

What do you think you will read next?

The last week I have not really been on my blog. A lot has been going on and we’ve had a few snow days and I’ve spent that time outside with my son. He’s at the age where he can enjoy it. We had his first snowball fight, snowman, and snow angel yesterday. We got 7 inches and I’m in the southern tip of Ohio and we don’t get snow like that! So, we had a lot of fun. My blog kinda took a hit without being attentive but that’s okay!!

What I’m currently reading?

The Switch

I am doing a buddy read with Dini @ Dini Panda Reads! We are almost through this one and we are both loving it.


I just downloaded the audiobook from my library yesterday evening. I think I’m 14 minutes in before I fell asleep last night. haha

The Empire of Gold (Daevabad Trilogy, #3)

I am 33% of the way through this one. It’s already so good. I hope that it’s a conclusion that I will enjoy.

What did I recently finish?

The Emperor of Evening Stars (The Bargainer, #2.5)

I really enjoyed this novella. Gave me a lot of relevant info on Des!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Dark Harmony (The Bargainer, #3)

I am so proud to have finished off a series. I really enjoyed this one. I got so many Maas vibes but definitely the first book was the best! I did enjoy the ride though.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

What will I read next?

A Vow So Bold and Deadly (Cursebreakers, #3)

Keeping up with the theme of finishing series this month. This is next!

Stay safe and healthy! Happy Reading!

24 thoughts on “W.W.W 2/10/21

  1. Glad you got to have fun doing real life things – that’s always a good thing! I always struggle finishing series too. Sometimes I think it would be easier to wait until the last book is released then binge them all at once, but that rarely works for me. haha

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    • Yeah, I totally have the same problem. It’s working really well for series that have already been out or that I haven’t been able to get to until now. It’s been sooo fun!! I wish I could wait until newer series are finished to do the same!


  2. I had no idea Priyanka Chopra had a book! Did you end up continuing it? I’m so glad we did the buddy read together and I can’t wait to do more with you 😃 I still need to read AHSFAB but I hope you enjoy AVSBAD and that it’s a fitting conclusion to the series!

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