Audio Mini-Reviews: The Truths We Hold, Greenlights, I Want to Be Where the Normal People Are!

The Truths We Hold: An American Journey

I have to say that this was very enlightening and I think I like her a lot more than I did. She does so much for immigrants and lower income families. I did think that she just read straight from the book but that’s okay. I really liked getting to know her better and what she stands for. Considering she’s the first MADAM VP, I had to read this. It’s a short but great read.

I Want To Be Where the Normal People Are

If you haven’t watched, Crazy, Ex-Girlfriend… you might not appreciate this as much. Watching that show really helped me prepare for this audio. It’s CRAZY! haha. It was such a fun time though. She does get a bit graphic at times but I’m used to that from her show. I did get a peak inside and it was quite interesting. She actually sings and makes poems and all kinds of things. It’s sporadic and entertaining, just like her show was. If you liked that show then I think you will enjoy this one!


This audiobook was fantastic! I did not know what to expect but I rather enjoyed it. McConaughey was a favorite in rom-coms and then he just quit them. This book was really enlightening to understand the person he is today. I absolutely loved his “note to self” “bumper sticker” “advice” and “greenlights.” They were great and actually very true. I was surprised to learn about his family history and not really surprised from Texans. I am from there and so cool that he grew up 45 minutes from where I was born! I understand so much about how he’s changed his acting career, very impressive. It was a hard thing to do and I think it just made him a greater actor. Honestly, I recommend this audiobook to everyone. It’s a fast listen and a great time.

“We all step in shit from time to time. We hit roadblocks, we fuck up, we get fucked, we get sick, we don’t get what we want, we cross thousands of “could have done better”s and “wish that wouldn’t have happened”s in life. Stepping in shit is inevitable, so let’s either see it as good luck, or figure out how to do it less often.”

4 thoughts on “Audio Mini-Reviews: The Truths We Hold, Greenlights, I Want to Be Where the Normal People Are!

    • Do it!! It’s such a weird and quirky show but if you liked her memoir, you will like the rest of it! It’s a fun one. Ohh, I can’t wait to see what you think of his book! Such a great memoir!!

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  1. I’ve seen really good things about Greenlights and I’m now very curious to check out the audiobook. I think I’d enjoy it cos I do quite enjoy listening to McConaughey speaking 🤣 I haven’t watched Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (yet) but I’m definitely curious about the book! Will have to bump that series up my ‘must watch’ list (which is miles and miles long LOL). Great mini-reviews, Leslie!

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    • Thank you, Dini!! I was going to pass on Greenlights but I’ve seen so many talk about it and gave it a shot. It was GREAT! Audiobook is 100% the way I would recommend reading it. hahaha.. it’s as long as our TBR’s, right?!?! Never ending for tv shows and books!! haha


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