Review: Lore by Alexandra Bracken


Title: Lore

Author: Alexandra Bracken

Publisher: Disney-Hyperion

Published: January 5, 2021

Pages: 480

Format: Owlcrate

This was book number 1 for my OwlCrate readathon. I was really looking forward to this one because it just sounds amazing. I might have had high expectations because it really did fall flat for me.

The premise is so interesting and reminded me of The Hunger Games, which I’ve seen referenced a lot. The Greek gods were casts out of Olympus and every seven years have to walk the earth as mortals. The descendants then hunt the gods to kill them and take their power. Awesome, right?!

I think what was lost for me was that it wasn’t quite explained in the right way. For a while, I really had to think and kind of put it together on my own. It slowed the pacing down for me and kind of got in the way of what was going on. We would get moving in the plot and then clumps of information would be dropped in. It could be very disorienting and confusing. I think this was the biggest part of the book that I disliked. It just needed to be executed in a easier and better way. What we did get and I could understand was fascinating. I just kept feeling like I was missing something pivotal.

The characters were fun and I really enjoyed a lot of our supporting characters, like Miles. Leave it to the only “unblooded” to actually bring in the humor. He was definitely a lot of fun. I really loved Cas. He was just so good and his love was so pure. I would have loved to get some of the chapters in his POV though. Lore was also a great character that I really was pulling for.

The ending was absolutely really rushed and it was so disappointing. I needed a lot more explanation and time with the ending. I wish we would have gotten more of the gods and more answers from that part of the story.

Overall, it’s not a bad story but it’s not my new favorite read. It literally was just an okay read for me. If you like Greek mythology you will probably still enjoy this.

13 thoughts on “Review: Lore by Alexandra Bracken

  1. I tried to read this but only got about twenty pages in… such a shame as the premise sounded amazing! So much info dumping though and I wasn’t a fan of the writing style.

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    • Yes, I should have probably stopped there but I got in a book box and wanted to push through. The info dumps didn’t stop and were just randomly thrown in after too. It was weird and confusing. Yes, so sad because it had an amazing premise.


  2. I’m seeing so many mixed reviews for this one lately! It’s one I really want to read and I am hoping that ill like it but it seems it is not living up to the hype for a lot of people which is such a shame!

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    • I know!! If I didn’t get it in a book box, I might not have picked it up after all the mixed reviews. It had a great premise but fell really flat overall. 😦


  3. Oh nooo… That sounds so disappointing! I’ve seen quite a few mixed reviews for this one and the most recent one (before years) was a 1-star review about it and… It makes me kinda really not wanna pick it up anymore 🤣 Kinda glad that I skipped the January Owlcrate! LOL

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    • Ugh! Yeah, it’s so disappointing. Honestly, I would pass. There is just so much info dumping and it kind of doesn’t stop. It doesn’t make sense half the time either. Unfortunate! I didn’t skip because I was sooo excited for this one. Bummer!!


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