Review: Fat Chance, Charlie Vega by Crystal Maldonado!

Fat Chance, Charlie Vega

Title: Fat Chance, Charlie Vega

Author: Crystal Maldonado

Publisher: Holiday House

Published: February 2, 2021

Pages: 308

Format: Library Copy

“I want to be Charlie- unapologetically Charlie. Shoulders back. Head held up high. Fat, beautiful body and all.”

I have a lot of thoughts about this book. I will do my best to give this a coherent review, haha.

I saw this cover and I was sold. It’s so gorgeous and I almost pre-ordered it but I forgot. Stupid me. I will be owning it though! Anyways, I love that this a book about a fat girl trying to find happiness and becoming confident in her own skin.

Charlie— I’ve seen a lot of reviews that they didn’t connect with her and found her naïve. She was definitely naïve and I can see how that came across. It is also hard to relate to her if you didn’t go through something similar. I could totally relate to her. I’m going to start off by saying that her mom is absolutely horrible. Her comments and attitude towards Charlie and her weight are ridiculous. BUT it happens… a lot. I had a lot of issues of my own with my mom saying some of the same things. “Are you sure you want to eat that?” “Is that what you are wearing?” “You need to work on a waist.” “You would be so much more beautiful if you lost some weight.” I also wonder if it’s part of a culture.. being hispanic. Who knows. I still struggle with my weight to this day. The thing is.. I don’t really care what my mom thinks anymore. I love my mom dearly and our relationship is solid now. She just had to realize that she had to love me for me.

I completely relate to all Charlie’s insecurities because when your own mom doesn’t love who you are, how can you? All of Charlie’s other issues with other relationships STEM from her issues of feeling unwanted and unloved by her mother. Does she get a little over hear head, probably so. I can totally understand why that happens. I loved the way that Charlie grows in this book. How she learns to start speaking up for herself and being more confident. I just rooted for her and I was so happy with her story arc.

I absolutely loved her relationship with Amelia. If you are lucky enough to find that ONE person who gets you and is attached at your hip, it’s amazing. They are not always perfect and we get to see that unfold. I loved Amelia and how unapologetic she was and went for what she wanted.

Brian.. ohhh.. Brian!! I loved him so much. I immediately loved them together because he is so nice and reminds me so much of my husband. Gosh, do I relate to this book or what?! lol

I flew through this book. It’s such a fast paced book and I had such a hard time putting it down. Was it predictable? Absolutely. I didn’t mind at all though. I loved so much about this book and really enjoyed my time with it. I think it was just such a fantastic read and a great representation of the insecurities a person can have when they don’t fit societies mold. Highly recommend!

“Just—promise me girls you won’t devalue yourselves for anyone. And I mean anyone. You can’t. You have to really be kind to yourself and look out for yourself because the world can be cold and cruel. Don’t feel bad, ever, about putting yourself first.”

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