Review: Star Daughter by Shveta Thakrar

Star Daughter

Title: Star Daughter

Author: Shveta Thakrar

Publisher: HarperTeen

Published: August 11, 2020

Pages: 435

Format: OwlCrate Edition


I was really excited for this one. The premise sounded AMAZING. I was really happy when I got it in my OwlCrate because the edition is gorgeous! It’s got a purple cover with purple sprayed edges. I really wish the inside matched the outside.. it does not. I will be keeping it as a pretty face for my shelves though. lol

It started out interesting enough but it quickly started losing my interest. My mood has been a bit stressed lately and it does influence my reading. Although, I’m reading other books and I didn’t struggle like I did with this one. The story is just so all over the place. It makes it hard to read because the plot is almost non-existent. There are so many strings going everywhere and it was hard to follow. She’s a star in hiding. She doesn’t know anything about her past but when it’s time for her to go back.. she’s expected to know everything? Then get thrown into a competition about being the best star.. in a few days.. yeah.. no.

I really wasn’t a fan of any of the characters either. The love interest was kind of a jerk. She totally just thought about how “cute and handsome” he was ALL the time. There’s so much more to a person girl! We start off the story with her trying to figure out how to be with this boy and keep her secret. It all felt a bit jumbled.

There was a lot of things that the author took on but it was too short of a book. Maybe if it were flushed out more and made into a series? I just felt confused a lot of the time and besides the short info dumps there wasn’t a whole lot of world building. I mean there are so many things I just didn’t understand and the descriptions of how her power worked or didn’t work. I still don’t even know!

There was a lot of potential for a very interesting story here but it just really disappointed me. Maybe my expectations were too high but I just couldn’t ignore all of the things that bothered me. I was at 70% and really struggling. I should have DNF’d this one but I kept going. Unfortunately, this is not a book I can recommend.

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