Book Blogger Hop 4/16-4/22

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The Book Blogger Hop was originally created by Jennifer @ Crazy-For-Books in March 2010 and ended on December 31, 2012. On February 15, 2013, it was relaunched by Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer. Each week the hop will start on a Friday and end the following Thursday. You find more information about this Hop Here

How many different weekly memes do you participate in besides the Book Blogger Hop?
(submitted by Elizabeth @ Silver’s Reviews)  

I participate in Top Ten Tuesday every single week. It’s actually one of my favorites because there is so much engagement with other bloggers! It’s a lot of TBR additions too, haha

I also participate in W.W.W Wednesday. We just talk about what we are reading, what we read and what we plan to read the next week. It’s a great one to keep myself in check. It makes making my monthly post a lot easier too.

Those are the two that I participate in every single week. Sometimes I will randomly do the #5onmyTBR or #Can’t wait Wednesday. It’s been a long time for the second one though. I was doing one each day of the week a few years ago. It became too much. So, I just stick with these three for the most part.

What about you?

4 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop 4/16-4/22

  1. Hi Leslie! I try to take part in TTT as much as possible. I host my own biweekly feature, Wondrous Words Wednesday and also Wednesday Wisdom. I try to get to it regularly. Throwback Thursday is one I love, but I don’t have that much time taking part.

    I do try my best to take part in The Sunday Post every week though!!

    I haven’t been good with Friday posts lately and haven’t done a Book Blogger Hop in ages. Should try to take part again!

    Elza Reads

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    • Hi! I have seen posts with those Wednesday memes before! I wish I had so much more time to take on more memes. I’m struggling most times to get TTT and WWW. I have been doing my WWW, every two weeks, at this point.

      Yeah, I just started up with Blogger Hop after over a year off. Give it a go!! 🙂 Well.. if you have time!


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