Review: People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry

People We Meet on Vacation

Title: People We Meet on Vacation

Author: Emily Henry

Publisher: Berkley Books

Published: May 11, 2021

Pages: 384

Format: Book of the Month

A Little Blurb:

“Poppy and Alex. Alex and Poppy. They have nothing in common. She’s a wild child; he wears khakis. She has insatiable wanderlust; he prefers to stay home with a book. And somehow, ever since a fateful car share home from college many years ago, they are the very best of friends. For most of the year they live far apart–she’s in New York City, and he’s in their small hometown–but every summer, for a decade, they have taken one glorious week of vacation together.

Until two years ago, when they ruined everything. They haven’t spoken since.”


Ahhh! It’s so exciting when a highly anticipated read is amazing! I loved Beach Read by her and I jumped on this when it was available as a pick for BotM. I was declined on both platforms for an ARC, so I’m super excited to have a chance at this before it officially publishes.

I went into this completely blind. I had no idea what it was about but that I wanted to read it. From the very beginning this book hooked me and I had a hard time stopping. I stayed up way too late reading and I’m not mad.

Poppy and Alex are quickly introduced and I immediately loved their banter and friendship. Something I really enjoyed about this duo is that they made me laugh out loud! It was so natural & it didn’t feel forced. They are 100% the opposite of each other in almost every way and it’s refreshing. It’s hard to make that work but somehow they are the best of friends.

One of my favorite things about this book are the alternating chapters. We switch between the present day and their past summer vacations together. We start with the first one and it ends with their last trip, two years prior. You get to see their relationship bloom and unfold throughout their vacations with each other. Each one is so different and you can plainly see how they care for each other. To just watch their story unfold in the most interesting way made this book for me.

I loved Alex so much. He is seriously the most -not perfect- perfect guy. His love for Poppy is inspiring and I was all for it. He’s so introverted and follows all the rules. Then we have Poppy who is the complete opposite. She loves to just be spontaneous and throw her cares to the wind. I love how they both know these things about each other and they make fun of each other but also respect it. There was so much tension between these two and it could get intense.

I will say… I was a bit confused about the title. I guess, it doesn’t really focus to much on the people they have met on vacation. They are more of a thought but not really a major force in the book. It’s okay though because I’m happy with all the Poppy and Alex time.

I was rooting for them the whole book and I had no idea if I was going to get my happy ending. I mean.. Poppy… Poppy was going to get her happy ending. haha! Seriously, she has written them so amazingly that I felt like I knew them. It was like they were real people and not just fictional characters. It just made me so happy and I feel so light and refreshed after reading it. This is a book that will be on my mind for a while. I’m talking a major book hangover is happening right now. It’s definitely a top book this year.

If you loved Beach Read, I highly recommend this one. If you didn’t read Beach Read, I still HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ONE! It’s so sweet, so fun, full of angst, and one heck of a ride. I am definitely 100% an Emily Henry fan and her books are now on my auto-buy!

FYI- I have no quotes today. I flew through this and just had to keep going that I didn’t even want to stop to flag. I will add some later because this might be a re-read for me! I know, I know. I never re-read!

Have you read this yet?? Do you plan to? Let’s chat!! πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Review: People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry

  1. Okay, so I didn’t read your review, I just looked at your rating while I held my breath. LOL I was soooo happy to see you loved it. I also want to go into it as blind as I can. I’ll have to come back and read your review after I read it. πŸ˜‰

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