Spell the Month in Books: MAY!

I saw this over on One Book More and thought it would be a fun new monthly post! I have tagged her post so you can check it out too! It was originally created by Reviews from the Stacks, and the idea is to spell the month using the first letter of book titles.

I’m just going to add a tidbit from the synopsis and whether I’ve read it or want to. I’ll link the Goodreads link on the title, if you want to check it out more!

It’s my BIRTHDAY MONTH!!! It is also my son’s birthday! His is the 15th and mine is the 18th.. We party hard that weekend. haha. Well mostly he gets a huge party and I’m dead tired by my birthday. LOL! It’s a lot of fun though. I am hoping to go on a book shopping spree! 🙂

M- Malice by Heather Walter


A princess isn’t supposed to fall for an evil sorceress. But in this darkly magical retelling of “Sleeping Beauty,” true love is more than a simple fairy tale.

I am really excited for this one!!

A- A Tangle of Spells by Michelle Harrison

A Tangle of Spells (A Pinch of Magic, #3)

“Everyone knows that magic and trouble go hand in hand…

A dangerous spell cast over an unsuspecting village.
An enchanted painting locked in a hidden room.
A desperate race against time to break the spell before it’s too late…

I am so excited to finish this series. I can’t wait to jump in!

Y- Year of the Witching, The by Alexis Henderson

The Year of the Witching

“A young woman living in a rigid, puritanical society discovers dark powers within herself in this stunning, feminist fantasy debut.”

I’ve seen mixed reviews on this one but I’m still wanting to read it!



9 thoughts on “Spell the Month in Books: MAY!

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who chose Malice for “M.” I’ve also heard mixed reviews for The Year of the Witching and am curious to give it a try. I can’t wait to see what you think about it. 🙂

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