Why I’ve been MIA~

Hey guys! I wanted to take a minute to just do a bit of an update. I haven’t done one of these in a long time. I usually don’t but I’m so behind on commenting back and blog hopping. I don’t know if I should just start from today and onward or what.

Anyways, I’ve been sooo busy. My husband has to take exams for his job. He was studying from January- April. Starting in March, he studying after dinner until really late at night. Pretty much all the time. I had to take care of the household and my son, mostly alone, for two months. Thank goodness it’s over!!! It really hindered my free time.

ALSO, I was packing and staging my house because we want to sell. I mean… it was always in our plan to sell now but the market decided to go bonkers! Wow, it’s insane!!! I don’t know how long it’s going to take us to find a house because they are so expensive. We are kind of living in limbo with our house being packed away. It’s still crazy that I have to make it look like no one lives here to sell. So weird. lol So that’s been going on and taking a lot of time. Now, that my husband is done studying he can help out.

This month has been nuts. My son turned two on the 15th. Since we didn’t have a One year party because of covid, we decided to do a small party at the park. It was chaos to plan and there were so many things going on with family staying and leaving. I’m so tired. haha. Parties suck!! He had a blast though and it was a good time. I’m glad we did it. My birthday was yesterday. I have been sick since Sunday with a cold. I haven’t gotten sick since before covid… I want to go back to no people around. HAHA JK!

There’s a few other things going on that I’m not really going to touch on today. I just want to point out that I’m not ignoring you and I’m doing my best to try and keep up. I haven’t touched a book in a couple of weeks. I have felt the call though and I’m hoping to read today when my kid goes down for his nap!

If you made it this far.. thanks! haha. I hope to be way more involved in my blog and the reading world again. I’ve missed it! ❤

23 thoughts on “Why I’ve been MIA~

    • oh my gosh! It is so HARD! They are at such a fun age where they always want to play, which is great. It’s just so hard to find time to do anything else! His nap time is pretty much it but there’s like 300 things to do. LOL! Thank you, I’m not optimistic with this crazy market but we will see!! ❤

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  1. Wow, sounds like everything just got really busy really fast! I’ve certainly missed your posts, but totally understand life has a way of running away and taking us with it. I hope everything calms down soon and you get better fast! And good luck finding a new home! We’re hoping to move next year and today’s market just has us freaked out.

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    • Yes, absolutely. We are nuts.. doing way too much at one time. lol. Thank you, I really hope so. I think that now that his party is over I can relax a little. Ugh, I really hope this crazy market has crashed by then. I mean, it’s insane what is going on. Nothing like when we bought our current home. I’m there with you. We are freaked out too. The idea we had of what we saved for… is kind of out of reach now. So we have to really think about what we want. It’s really frustrating!! I hope it’s so much better for you next year!!

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  2. You’ve been so busy! At least now your husband has a bit more free time to help out. That must be a relief! And happy birthday to you and your son! I loved when my kids were that age – so fun!! Hope you feel better soon and get to read some great books! 🙂

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    • Yes! Omg. I’m so tired. I would love to sleep for like two days. haha!! Yes, now that he has free time again, it’s been better. I feel so much better just catching up with my blog a bit today! Thank you so much!! It’s really such an amazing age. He’s so fun and imaginative. I know that I will miss this age when it’s passed. ❤

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  3. Crazy life! Good luck with it all. The housing market is insane everywhere. Good luck finding your next place. We’ve been wanting to downsize ever since our oldest two moved out and now seems like the perfect time EXCEPT for all the insanity of actually packing and moving. So stressful, especially with a toddler. Wow. I hope you feel better soon and that everything goes swimmingly for you and your family 🙂


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    • Yeah, it has not been fun packing and staging the house. Getting a storage unit today 😩 Thank you! Yes, it’s insane!!! I have two siblings who are trying to move to! Good luck finding a new place of your own too!!!


  4. Omg you’ve been busy!!! But I can totally understand. I have a two year old too and a preschooler. And so many other things to do. Thank goodness your husband is able to help now! And good luck in your house hunting! Hopefully something comes up soon 🙂 Take care, my Leslie!

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  6. It always seems to go that way, right?! I’m not a party person, either, and it’s been especially weird after not seeing people for so long. We had a small family gathering for my oldest daughter’s college graduation last night. It was nice to see everyone but exhausting to get ready for. Haha. Happy Birthday to you and your son and I hope you find some quiet time to read and relax. ❤

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    • Oh my gosh. It was crazy!! I was telling my best friend, who is very similar, how much anxiety I had. I was like shaking at 11:55 before people started showing up. There’s a lot to get used to again. I kind of miss the bubble. haha! It was a good time though and Oliver had a blast. Congrats, on her graduation!! That’s awesome!! Thank you so much!! I’m finally able to sit down and have some time to relax and it’s been nice. Can’t wait to get my blog on schedule too! Have a wonderful week! ❤

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      • It is a weird mix of wanting to socialize but also wanting to stay secluded. Haha! I’m so behind on the blog, too. I keep joking I’m gonna pull an all-nighter to catch up on blogging and books. 😍

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        • Oh gosh.. I keep doing the same! Every night but my son has decided, recently, that he wants to go to bed at almost 11. I’m dead by then and follow him into dreamland. I need to take a weekend day and do it!

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