Mini-Reviews: Man Enough by Jason Baldoni, How Ya’ll Doing by Leslie Jordan, & Songteller by Dolly Parton

The last week I have painted so many rooms in my house. During this time, I listened to several audiobooks. I’m going to do some mini-reviews of them here.

Book Cover

Although his message is meant for men, this book works for everyone. It’s full of so many truthful messages and a personal book at the same time. I know Justin Baldoni from, Jane the Virgin, which I loved. I miss that show so much! It was so eye-opening to learn about some of his personal struggles during the show because you would never know it. I want to go back and re-watch now. I’ve also been following him on Tiktok and love how he spreads his message there too. I would highly suggest the audio because he gives some extra info to his listeners.

Since I have a son of my own, this really resonated with me. There are times he’s talking about the grooming that society does to boys and men. The words and phrases used to either diminish or raise them up. I see it already. My son loves color, he loves me and wants to be like me. There’s nothing wrong with that but he likes to copy my behavior. For instance, he loves to “color” his nails when I do mine. He will randomly come up to me and say, “matching.” It’s fun for us and we enjoy it together. I cannot even begin to tell you the comments I get from family about it. It’s quite frustrating and this is part of the problem. We need to do better and we need to teach our children to be better.

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I know Leslie from Will & Grace. I’ve seen him in other things too but that’s what I know him from the most. I love his comedy, it’s just so easy and hilarious. Listening to this was the best way to go. He’s so extra and made this so enjoyable. A bit of a downer is how short it is. I wanted so much more! There are some really touching stories in here. One that really stuck out to me was about the Bride doll and it’s so sweet.

Book Cover

It’s Dolly Parton! I downloaded this on a whim and I’m so glad I did. I’ve seen some really cool copies of the book in the wild and I might have to get one. Anyways, I learned some really cool things about her that I didn’t know before. She’s literally so sweet and caring. I saw someone say that she’s an Angel walking among us and I don’t think that’s a crazy thing. One thing, I didn’t care for was that it was kind of like an interview in a way. It kind of threw me off at times. She talks about so many of her songs and what they meant to her. I didn’t even realize how big of a writer she is and all the movies/tv shows she’s a part of! It was so awesome to learn that not only is she amazing at songwriting, but to see her take part in so many different things. I really love her book project too!

7 thoughts on “Mini-Reviews: Man Enough by Jason Baldoni, How Ya’ll Doing by Leslie Jordan, & Songteller by Dolly Parton

  1. Great reviews, Leslie! Man Enough sounds like a really powerful read. I follow Justin Baldoni on social media, and I love his messages about life, masculinity, and being true to yourself. And I loved him in Jane the Virgin!!

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    • Thank you! It’s so good!! One of my favorite memoirs! If you ever want to read it so the audio! It’s great and he has bonus content. I follow him on socials too and just love his messages too. A great guy. I miss Jane the Virgin!

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  3. Great reviews, Leslie! I’ve never watched or really listened to anything by Dolly Parton (don’t come for me! haha) or Leslie Jordan, but I did start Jane the Virgin when it first came out and really liked Justin Baldoni in it. I like the sound of all of these books so I think I’ll definitely check them out, starting with Baldoni’s; maybe on audio? Also, I can just imagine little Oliver wanting to match nails with you and it’s SO cute and sweet! πŸ’œ I’m sorry the family is so horrible about it!

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    • hahaha!! I totally don’t blame you for Dolly Parton. She’s so country music and I don’t know how far she reaches to other countries. Justin Baldoni’s book is amazing and you should 100% do the audio!! It’s amazing. Aww, thank you! I know, they are just stuck in their ways. At least, Oliver can be free to do what he wants when it comes to me and Chris. ❀


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