Birthstone Book Covers: March!


I was thinking of my birthday month and thought I would do a post of Emerald book covers. Then I wondered if there was a monthly post about all the birthstones. I haven’t seen one but if there is, please let me know. I really don’t want to steal any ideas but I thought this would be really fun! I’m doing this for me but would love for anyone else to join in!! It’s going to be a work in progress. I did think about the meanings of the stones but I think I just want to showcase the color of the stone with books! *I’m copying this to all 12 posts this year, in case someone new wants to join*

The color of the cover or the color in the title. I’m going to keep it to 5 books but you can do as many as you want. Tag some friends if you want!

Happy Birthday to all the March babies!!

Any cover that is light blue. There’s a lot of interpretation here. Some of my light blues are a bit darker than I wanted!

Book Cover
Book Cover
Book Cover
Book Cover
Book Cover

This one was a bit harder because there are sooo many shades when I was looking it up! So I covered most of my bases. haha

I just wanted something different to post about that didn’t require too much thinking. Who doesn’t love colorful covers though?! Here’s a list of the colors throughout the year if you want to plan ahead 🙂

*All my gems and info is just from a quick google search!* Not an expert!

15 thoughts on “Birthstone Book Covers: March!

  1. I guess there is a reason blue is my favorite color… I always thought that the amethyst was my birthstone though? Might just be a Pisces thing though, and not the ‘oficial’ stone for March.
    Great picks for the covers too; Malibu Rising is probably my favorite cover and story of these.

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    • I think that we can tend to lean towards our birthstone colors. Green was my favorite color for the longest time but then after having a green room for years.. It changed. lol. Amethyst is actually February’s actual birthstone! It can get confusing because there are like alternates for some months. It was always fun when I worked the jewelry counter and having to go through birthstones with people! Although, I’m not opposed to choosing one’s own birthstone. 🙂

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      • Oh interesting! It might also be a country specific thing? I remember in The Netherlands shops usually selling amethyst for Pisces… I was always disappointed because I much preferred a blue stone haha. Turquoise was always my favorite stone because of the pretty lines/details that contrasted the color, although I do love aquamarine as well.

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        • I wonder if that’s the case! Very interesting! I just did some quick google searches. Pisces is either stone (has a few others too) because it runs in two different months.Birthstones are to that specific month and they all have their own. Your actual birthstone is Aquamarine (March birthday) but could be either stone (amethyst or aquamarine)for your astrological sign,aka Pisces. I don’t know if any of that makes sense! Yes, turquoise is gorgeous!!


  2. There ARE so many shades of blue, and blue (specifically teal) is my favorite color. So I always find myself drawn to blue covers. 🙂

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