Review: Gods of Jade and Shadow by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

My Review

This book is ANGST. I didn’t know what to expect going in. I didn’t have the highest of hopes because I wasn’t the biggest fan of Mexican Gothic. I’m not a fan of horror and that was a bit too creepy for my comfort. I get why it’s such a huge hit but it wasn’t for me. I’m glad that Dini remembered I had this book on my TBR. We buddy read this together and it helped! I’m linking Dini’s review because it’s brilliant and I’m struggling with my words. lol!

This one was a struggle to get into because we get thrust into a story without really getting much of the world building. This book is full of Mayan mythology and it was so well done but it took time to get there. I know that Dini and I thought it was slow-paced and the fact that we jump into a journey with no real explanation or build up. I’m so glad that we kept pushing through because we really ended up loving this. The story takes a minute to get into but once you get into it then it is hard to put down. The world that Moreno-Garcia creates is so interesting and the writing is so beautiful. I’m not kidding- the writing is gorgeous!

“Words are seeds, Casiopea. With words you embroider narratives, and the narratives breed myths, and there’s power in the myth. Yes, the things you name have power.”

My favorite thing about this book was the angst-y romance. Wow, was it intense!! It was predictable but the journey was a wonderful ride. Casiopea and Hun-Kame’s bond is one that I will not forget. Their slow burn romance was the thing that makes this whole entire book. The book is basically their journey to find different objects and we get to meet a lot of awesome and crazy characters. It was so fun seeing all the magical elements come into play.

“The things you name do grow in power, but others that are not ever whispered claw at one’s heart anyway, rip it to shreds even if a syllable does not escape the lips. The silence was hopeless in any case, since something escaped the god, anyway: a sigh to match the girl’s own.”

Overall, I enjoyed this a lot! I was pleasantly surprised and I’m much more open to this author because I almost thought she wasn’t for me. I’m amazed at how beautiful her writing is. I remember loving that about Mexican Gothic. I wasn’t the biggest fan of this type of ending. Although, with further inspection I do see how it fits the characters perfectly. Even though, this started off rough for me, I’m glad that I pushed through it. I will forget this beautiful and slow-burn romance for a long time!

11 thoughts on “Review: Gods of Jade and Shadow by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

  1. Aaaaah, Leslie!!! Reading your review makes me want to revisit Casiopea and Hun-Kamé again because their romance really was EVERYTHING. And LOL: “this book is ANGST” 🤣 SO spot on!! Haha, it really was but OML, I want to relive the angst pls. It was delicious 🥹 I’m so glad that we buddy read this one as well! I love our buddy reads 💜

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    • Dini, I just finished ANOTHER angsty read about a god and forbidden love. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. haha. I’m glad we did too because I don’t know how long I would have just let it sit on my bookshelf and then donating it. I love our buddy reads too!! ❤


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