Mini-Reviews: Idiots by Laura Clery, Below Zerow, & Stuck with You by Ali Hazelwood

It has become really difficult to write reviews for every book I read these days. While I don’t review them all, I try to review most of them. For the sake of my own peace of mind, here are some mini reviews for you today! ❀

This was just as good as her first book, if not more. I love how brutally honest she is. Just keep in mind that she’s really vulgar. If you don’t like that then you will not enjoy this one. This one she is talking about her kids, her second pregnancy, and her son’s and husband’s diagnosis. There’s a lot going on, but she has a brilliant way of storytelling. I did do the audio and I didn’t on her first book. I might go back and re-read her first with the audio. It’s so good and it adds so much more personality to the book. She’s been through so much and even though she’s in a better place, she still continues to struggle. I’m glad she’s found what makes her happy and she can share her life with us.

This is only available as audio, at the moment. I had the holds come available through my library. I have been dipping my toes into actual fiction audio but I’m still struggling. I’m not sure if that hindered my experience with this book but I did not love this one. I love the fact that it’s STEM and NASA was so cool to read about. I didn’t love the romance for some reason. Maybe it was because it was so spread out or maybe it was just me. I just couldn’t connect with their relationship and felt like it was more friends. It was cute at times but maybe I’m over the miscommunication trope??

I also listened to this one and I’m not sure if that had a part in this, but I didn’t love this one either. I am starting to think that maybe the shorter stories are not Hazelwood’s forte. It feels like I can’t connect to her characters and the short story doesn’t give me enough time to connect or really feel their relationship. Insta-love is a trope that I really don’t like. I get being attracted and all that, but this was a little much. I think the fact that it was a short timeframe doesn’t help it. It was just too much and made it hard for me to believe. I gave this a bit higher of a rating because I did enjoy it the most out of them. I am a little nervous going into her release coming out soon.

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