Top Ten Tuesday: I was so EXCITED but still haven’t read them!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Each week there is a new topic for bloggers to choose and list their top ten. This week is Top Ten Books I Was SO EXCITED to Get, but Still Haven’t Read (bonus points if you tell us how long it’s been since you got them!)

OMG. The first thing I thought of was- this is going to be so easy. Then I thought, wow- that’s depressing. I have pre-ordered so many books and some of my most hyped books are still sitting on my shelf. Maybe this should turn into my TBR for one of these upcoming months.

Yep- I pre-ordered this. Came out December 2020.

This one isn’t as bad… but it was my most anticipated. 😦 I pre-ordered this one too. Feb 2022

I bought this when it came out- March 2021 and still haven’t read it. I think I’m going to wait for the release of the next book.

I pre-ordered this one last year too. March 2021

Dini actually sent this to me for my Birthday last year. So ashamed that I haven’t read it yet! AH! April 2021

I was so excited for this one and I still haven’t picked it up. It would finish a series and still.. nada! July 2021

This is so short… whyyyyy! November 2020

I pre-ordered this one too. I need to just do it! July 2020

I still need to read this. Ah, why do I do this?! I’ve heard so many amazing things. July 2019

August 2018!!! Ah, I will get to this!!!

The sad part is that this is not all of them! Ahhh!! I hope you drop your links so I can check out your lists too!

Let’s chat below.

61 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: I was so EXCITED but still haven’t read them!

  1. Don’t worry, after reading a few TTT posts, you are not alone (and it includes me). We’re book lovers after all, with so many great books and so little time.
    I read House of Sky and Breath the minute I received it (lol). And binged the entire Ember Quartet series last Summer after it sat on my TBR for months.

    Here is my TTT:

    Have a great week 🙂

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    • Haha, It’s just a book lovers thing, huh?! I really wish that we had more time to read!! I had a lot of arcs due when HoSaB came out and I was going to pick it up the next week. But then I saw everyone freaking out about the ending and I’m scared! haha


  2. Haha, I still haven’t read the books you got me for my bday last year, too! 🙈 I’ve got The Unbroken on my TBR as well and honestly, low-key intimidated by it! I’m also really curious about King of Elfhame but haven’t bought it yet (though I’ve been eyeing it in-store recently)! I hope you enjoy all of these whenever you get to them, Leslie 💜

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    • LOL! Okay, I don’t feel so bad. Maybe in June, I will make it my TBR! I’ll read the books you got me last year and this year!! This way, I actually read them! haha<3


    • Whyyyy do we do this?!?! haha!! I need to just stop pre-ordering. Although, I don’t want to take away from the authors, but I bet I would read them sooner. LOL


    • Same! I even have the second book. I’m sure the third will be out soon. I’ll just binge them all before, maybe. lol —- just checked and there’s no pub date yet. There will be 4 books. I’ve got time. haha

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  3. Depressing is right! 😂 You’re probably smart to wait on reading Chain of Iron. It was really good, but I’ll probably have to reread it before the next book. I had no idea it would be so long between them. I hope you can pick up some of these soon. ❤

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  4. I procrastinated reading Where The Crawdads Sing forever too, but when I finally picked it up I finished it in one day (which is rare for me). I hope you’ll love it just as much if you decide to try it, as well as all other books on your list!

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  5. You should definitely read A Sky Beyond the Storm and Wings of Shadows! They’re both so good (and emotionally traumatizing) and great endings to a series!

    Good luck with your list 🙂

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    • hahahha… omg.. WHY do we do this?!?! I have so many pre-orders that I just put on my cart that I got this year too. like… why.. Maybe I should do a pre-order and arc only in July! I can maybe catch up

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