The A-Z Book Tag!

Another book tag coming at you!! This one is so awesome, and I want to thank the lovely Becky @ Becky’s Book Blog for the tag. I have linked her post so you can check out her awesome answers too. Also, while you are there… give her a follow!! ❤ I’m sorry it has taken me so long to do this one but it was fun!!

She didn’t know who the original creator is, and I don’t either. If you know, let me know so I can tag them!

A- Author you have read the most books from.

It would have to be Clare. I’ve been reading them since they started and it’s been a looong time and many books later.

B – Best sequel ever.

This is a hard one so I’m going with the best I’ve read the most recent. This is going to be one of the top books of the year and a brilliant sequel!

C- Currently reading.

I have a few reads going on right now. They are kind of heavy and with everything that has been happening in the world I needed to take a break from them. I picked this one up and I’m enjoying it so far. I’m about halfway in.

D – Drink of choice.

Hmm… I think I’m going to go with a REALLY cold Coke Zero. I like it when there’s a little bit of ice floating in it, it’s that cold. If not this then definitely coffee!

E – E-reader or physical book.

I do a ton of both. I think I prefer holding a physical book in my hands. I do love my kindle though and the versatility.

F – Fictional character you would have dated in high school.

Umm.. not sure? I didn’t really date anyone seriously until my senior year. We are currently married. haha

G – Glad you gave this book a chance.

Not my typical type of book but I saw it as a “read now” on Netgalley. I really enjoyed this one!!

H – Hidden Gem.

This was a book someone recommended to me. They are not someone I typically follow or talk to a lot. I think they saw my 12 for 12 challenge and commented. I really enjoyed this!! Not sure why I don’t see more people talking about this.

I – Important moment in your reading life.

I’m not sure of a huge moment. There’s several moments that I’ve read more and times I haven’t. I remember in elementary having an AR (advanced reading) program and it just kickstarted my love for reading. I got so many free pizzas and prizes! haha

J – Just finished.

I just finished this arc and it was really good!!

K – Kind of book you wont read.

Horror. I just can’t do it. I’m the biggest chicken! haha

L – Longest book you’ve read.

According to my GR account this is the winner. It’s 1,178 pages. I’ve got SEVERAL books that are really close to this page count though!

M – Major book hangover because of.

All the emotions and such a brilliant ending to a series. It was a while before I picked up another book!

N – Number of bookshelves you own.

I have 7 Billy’s and a kallax in the middle of my library. So, that’s 8. I have two bookshelves upstairs. One of those belongs to my son. So… 10 in total.

O – One book you’ve read multiple times.

I don’t know. I don’t really re-read books anymore. I think when I was younger I read some of those over and over but I can’t remember.

P – Preferred place to read.

I really can read anywhere. I have a cuddler on my couch and that’s my preferred or the recliner in my library.

Q – Quote that inspires you.

I need this right now.

R – Reading regrets.

I don’t really have any. Maybe getting swamped with arcs??

S – Series you’ve started and need to finish.

I love this series so much and have been terrified to finish it. WHY. I think I just need to force myself to pick it up soon before I forget everything.

T – Three of your all time favourite books.

I have so many that can go here but here are some that I recommend over and over. ❤

V – Very excited about this release.

I am so excited for this. I was lucky enough to get an arc. I can’t believe it’s so chunky though!!

W – Worst bookish habit.

Buying more than I can ever read?? Otherwise, I don’t know that I have one.

X – X marks the spot. Pick the 27th book from your top left shelf.

Y – Your latest purchase.

I just bought the ebook on sale for $2.99! I’m excited for this one with all the hype.

Z – Z snatcher. Book that kept you up way too late.

I loved this book so much. I stayed up wayyyyy too late to finish it!

I’m tagging:

Red-Haired Ash Reads / Misty’s Book Space / Dipped in Ink /

36 thoughts on “The A-Z Book Tag!

  1. I loved reading your answers, Leslie! What a fun tag 😍 You’ve just reminded me that I also have to do this one and now I’m more excited to do it 😃 Evelyn Hugo is amazing and it’s on my top favourites list too. I’m excited to see The Way of Kings on your list too though cos that’s been on my TBR for way too long and I can’t wait to get to it. Awesome post, hun!


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  3. AHHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE TAG!! and absolutely loved reading your answers!! i dont usually read horror either, although i HAVE seen a few movies recently BUT MOST OF THEM JUST ENDED UP BEING HUGE DISAPPOINTMENTS, ACTUALLY??? also omggggg so glad to see evelyn hugo in your all time favorites!! THAT BOOK IS A MASTERPIECE, I SWEAR 😭😭

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re welcome!! This one is HUGE but so much fun!! Yes, absolutely to Evelyn.. that book is just the best!! ❤ I know, I hate horror but somehow I'm obsessed with Stranger Things?! I'm not sure that makes sense, haha!! I hope you do this one so I can read your answers!!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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  5. Such a fun tag!
    YAAAY for Hunger of the Gods! What a sequel. Can’t wait to read the last book in the trilogy. We’ll probably have to wait a while though.
    Excited to see The Way of Kings on your favorite books, I’ve got it on my TBR. I need to start reading it!
    I want to read more Fredrik Backman’s books. I really enjoyed Anxious People.
    Great post, Leslie! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

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