Top Ten Tuesday: TBR’s Over the Years!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Each week there is a new topic for bloggers to choose and list their top ten. This week is Top Ten Books From My Past Seasonal TBR Posts I STILL Haven’t Read (Submitted by Dedra @ A Book Wanderer)! Yay, Dedra!

This week is one that is probably going to make me cry. haha. I always tell you all how terrible I am at TBR’s. I’m going to go back a few years and do this. I hope it’s not as terrible as I’m thinking! I’m going all the way back to the beginning and working my way to this year. I can’t believe my first #TTT was in 2018!! I’m not going to do this year since I need more time to see if I check more off those lists. haha!

2018– I actually did pretty good this year! There’s only two from both lists that I never got to! I’m not sure I want to read either anymore.

2019– I had one seasonal TBR post because this was the year I took off during and after my crazy pregnancy! I did manage to read all of the TBR I did make though!

2020– I don’t know if I’ll read CoVaV because that was so long ago and there’s still no book three! I do have the book but I haven’t heard great things about it. I do still want to read the rest of these though!!

2021– Yep… still want to read all of these. hahaha.. wow!!

Wow, there’s so many books on here!! I’m so bad at keeping up with TBR’s but I want to read sooo many of these really badly! How sad that they have been on my TBR for so long. Any that I should prioritize?!? I hope you are all doing well. ❤

Let’s chat below & drop your links!!

76 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: TBR’s Over the Years!

    • I would read it before the movie, for sure! I have heard it’s intense and emotional and that’s why I keep putting it off! lol. I know, I need to start reading books as they come into the door, instead of putting them on my TBR cart. lol


  1. I love how you’ve gone so far back. As a mood reader, I’m terrible with TBRs so I tend to go with possibility piles and I’ve made so few of them of late. But even for the ones I have made, I realise that I’ve read less than 50% of the books I mention—whoops! 🙈 I can’t wait to (re)read the Mistborn books with you!

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    • Oh my gosh. I know the feeling! I just went though my two, yes TWO, book carts and had all the books I planned to read this year. I haven’t gotten to most of them. I did get a lot but not even close to where I wanted to be right now! It’s crazy but I blame my mood reading!!!


  2. I was really disappointed by CoVAV and there’s no sign of the third book anytime soon, other than the fact that it does have a title now-I think I will have forgotten everything from the second book by the time it comes out, so if you’re not that bothered, then it’s probably better just to wait till book three has a firm release date, or just not read it at all!
    My TTT:

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    • Yeah, I heard a lot of not so great things about it. I think that’s why I never picked it up, even though I pre-ordered it! It’s just been sitting on my shelf. lol. I am not sure if I want to continue or not. I might wait and see IF the third ever releases and see what people think. Maybe it might be worth struggling through the second to get to the third.


    • Thank you! I have heard such amazing things about Bone Season! I need to get to it at some point, lol. Chain of Iron-I’m going to wait until the third book, at this point! The fifth season is one I really need to get to bc it’s been on my TBR for years!

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    • Oh gosh.. that sounds like me!! Haha, I know that I’m going to read Crawdad’s bc I had so many tell me to on this post! I really have all of Bone Season books.. I am pretty sure and I still haven’t read them. SIGH!


  3. No tears! It seems my prompt suggestion has caused a lot of shame. Blame Deanna. She’s the one who told me to suggest it. 😂😂 But it’s a great way to clean out the old TBR and refresh our minds about those books we were excited to read. I loved Anna and the French Kiss back in the day. After reading all the recent controversy about the author, I’ve been thinking about taking Crawdads off my tbr. 🤷‍♀️ I might still see the film, though.

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    • Hahaha!! No, it was a great suggestion but gosh.. I did not want to face that! LOL. I think I’m going to take several of these off my TBR though. Ugh.. Yep… I’ve seen a lot of tiktok’s lately about the issues with the author of Crawdad’s. Everyone keeps telling me to read it and I do own it. I’ve already given her my money (when it came out) so might as well read it? I don’t know. I might read it and not review it at all or something. I’ll see the movie when I can stream it or get it from the library, I think.


    • Thank you!! Haha, I totally agree. I always state that I never think I’ll get even half of them. I just do it for fun and kind of forget about it. I used to try and stick to monthly TBR’s every month.. I stopped doing that two years ago and it was the best thing ever!


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