Let’s Talk Bookish: Balancing Blogging and Life!

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme created by Rukky @Eternity Books and hosted by Aria @Book Nook Bits, and it’s where we get to discuss certain topics, share our opinions, and spread the love by visiting each other’s posts! If you want to join in the bookish discussion fun, check out the August 2022 prompts!

 Balancing blogging and life (Me-Aria)

Prompts: How do you manage balancing blogging and life? In what ways do school and work get in the way of blogging? Are there any ways that blogging can help with everyday life? Are there certain times of year when blogging becomes harder or more overwhelming?

The Balance…

This is such a hard question to answer. I don’t really think I’ve got the best answers because it’s constantly changing. Ultimately, blogging is my hobby. As fun as it… I don’t get paid. Yeah, we get the arcs sometimes… but I still don’t get paid for all my time and effort. Even though, I always try and review and read all of the ones I request, life comes first. I have a 3 year old and life is just always crazy. I’m a SAHM and have to just find times to blog. I typically do so during his nap time and then when he goes to bed at night. Those things vary like crazy these days. For example, I haven’t touched my blog in 4 days… I just have been so busy! We are getting ready for school (his first time!) and there’s so many appointments in my personal life. It can get hard and messy but I always know that it’s here for me. I just live life and then try to find times to blog and if it doesn’t happen then I just wait until I can find time at a later date.

What gets in the way…

I’ve touched on this a bit but my kid. I’m a SAHM but that means I’m with my kid 24/7. He comes first and it’s really how it should be! Of course, he always gets in the way but it’s okay. 🙂

Spring and Summer

Two times in the year are really busy for me and it’s hard to blog a lot. I have a harder time reading a lot too. My numbers dip so much, it’s kind of insane. Although, it’s kind of nice to be able to be outside so much! In the winter, it’s just too cold and I have way more inside time. With the Spring and Summer months we get out as much as we can. We do a lot of activities, see family more, and just play outside much more. This all gets in the way of blogging but that’s okay. I think we are all in a similar boat when it comes to these two lovely season. Although, this summer has been insanely hot and we’ve been inside a lot. haha. I do find that it can be a bit overwhelming to not be on top of things when it comes to my posts, during this time. I just try not to stress too much and just live life.

What about you? Have you figured out your blogging and life balance?

23 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish: Balancing Blogging and Life!

  1. I love your answers. I certainly haven’t found a good balance but, as you mentioned, the blog is for fun so I don’t worry too much when I have to step away from it – though I do feel guilty that I’m not visiting others.

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    • Yes, I try to schedule posts on Sunday’s for the week. Although, when things are going on.. it gets shot to the wind. lol. I am trying to catch up a bit now that he’s started 2 hour preschool, two days a week!!


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  4. You rock! My youngest is now 17 so I have much more free time, but I clearly remember those days when they were little. It was HARD! Life is so busy. You deserve those stolen moments reading and blogging, as much as it’s okay to set them aside for your family. Great post! ❤️

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    • Thanks! It is soo hard!! He started preschool last week but I’m trying to catch up house things and other stuff.. I hope to be able to use those extra 4 hours a week for blogging/reading!! lol. ❤


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