Magical Readathon Orilium Autumn Equinox Wrap Up!

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I finished the Autumn Equinox! I got my books in just in time!! So excited because I wasn’t sure if I would do it. I did have to do some picture books but oh well! If you want some more info- This readathon is hosted by G at bookroast on youtube. You can watch her video here. Thank you, G! This is such an amazing and creative readathon. Thanks for all the hard work and time you put into this!! I was able to order my Guild’s bookmark and I cannot wait!! I’ll be able to use it for the next round in the Spring. 🙂

These are some things that I have found out so far and I need to write them down before I forget. haha

Conduit: Sword





Calling: Godseer

Now onto this readathon…


O for Ordinary

Q for Qualified

D for Distinguished

I am in the Archivists Guild and in the Autumn Equinox I completed all my books 9/9!! My calling is Godseer and below are the classes that I passed. Also, my characters name is Zarrah Quinn. I have read some picture books, which will not be included in my monthly wrap-up!

O in Inscription

OGlyph: Recollection – A Childhood Favorite

OGlyph: Recollection – A Childhood Favorite

Q in Restoration

OObject Restoration– A single object as the focus on the cover

Q- Enchanted Scroll Mending– One of the oldest books on your TBR

Q in Conjuration

O- The Foundations of Necromancy- Book with Necromancy themes

Q- Tales the Bones Tell- Bone on a cover or in the title

O in Demonology

O- Imp Wrangling- Read a fantasy

D in Lore

O- Aledia’s Regional Anthropology- A Book that has colors similar to your country’s flag.

Q-Myth of Syldoris- Story featuring a betrayal

D- Ancient Caves of Daerune- Desert Setting


Book you read over 5 days.
Most recently added to TBR
Author name starts with B or F
Undead Characters
Historical Fiction

Now, I need to talk about my points. Mostly, so I remember after this one is over too.

I got 50 points for the Novice Path, 50 points for Spring Equinox, and I did 6 quests for 60 points. I have a total of 160 points! This means I will be starting at the Assistant level this Autumn! It means that I can count genuine DNFs towards my goals this semester! I don’t DNF a lot but sometimes I force it for readathons when I should. This will be nice if I find something I cannot finish.

I started at 160 points and Assistant Level. I get 50 points for Autumn Equinox and I did 6 quests for 60 points. This brings me to a total of 270!! I am now in the Revered tier and means that next time I can change one book for any other I want! This should really come in handy next time!

Did you participate?? How did you do? Did you finish all your classes??

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