Review: The River of Silver by S.A. Chakraborty

Title: The River of Silver

Author: S. A. Chakraborty

Publisher: Harper Voyager

Published: October 11, 2022

Pages: 256

Format: Netgalley e-ARC, thanks Harper Voyager!

Goodreads Blurb

Bestselling author S. A. Chakraborty’s acclaimed Daevabad Trilogy gets expanded with this new compilation of stories from before, during, and after the events of The City of BrassThe Kingdom of Copper, and The Empire of Gold, all from the perspective of characters both beloved and hated, and even those without a voice in the novels. The River of Silver gathers material both seen and new–including a special coda fans will need to read–making this the perfect complement to those incredible novels.

Now together in one place, these stories of Daevabad enrich a world already teeming with magic and wonder. Explore this magical kingdom, hidden from human eyes. A place where djinn live and thrive, fight and love. A world where princes question their power, and powerful demons can help you…or destroy you.

A prospective new queen joins a court whose lethal history may overwhelm her own political savvy…

An imprisoned royal from a fallen dynasty and a young woman wrenched from her home cross paths in an enchanted garden…

A pair of scouts stumble upon a secret in a cursed winter wood that will turn over their world…

From Manizheh’s first steps towards rebellion to adventures that take place after The Empire of Gold, this is a must-have collection for those who can’t get enough of Nahri, Ali, and Dara and all that unfolded around them.”

My Review

I loved the original Daevabad trilogy and was so excited to read this book! We get several short stories about our beloved characters. They all vary in time throughout the trilogy.

One of the things that I really appreciated in this book was the heads-up. Before each new chapter, there was a line telling me what books this would spoil. It’s a great trip if you haven’t finished the series. It also helped me realize where we were in time.

I really loved getting some more in-depth looks at so many of these characters. It really gives the story a well-rounded finish and makes me appreciate so many more of the supporting characters too. It felt satisfying but I did wish there was a little more of Nahri. It was so great to learn more about Ali’s mother and how that came about. One person that I really became a bit more attached to was Muntadhir. I wasn’t the biggest fan of him in the original series but we get to look behind the door a bit. Zaynab is one that I would LOVE a spin-off series about. She’s way more than what she seems. The alternate ending really gave off some great hope that we might get to see that one day??

This is hard to review because there are so many short stories and I don’t want to give away spoilers if you haven’t finished the books. I will say that I think this adds something to the series and I enjoyed my time with it! I highly recommend it, if you love the original trilogy, and want to learn a bit more about these characters!

Many thanks to Harper Voyager and Netgalley for an e-arc!!

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