Birthstone Book Covers: December!

Okay, this has a few people doing it every month so I want to make a “Rules” Section to make it easier!

A little about how this started… I wanted to do an Emerald post for my birthday month. It’s such an easy tag to do that I thought I should do them all! I started it in January of 2022 and it’s been so fun. I’ve had a few people jump in and I’ve loved seeing their posts! ❤


  • Pick 5+ book covers that match the current month’s Birthstone.
  • Nominate people if you want!

Happy Birthday to all the December babies!! There’s a lot of blue tints this month and so it was hard to choose one. I think, I’m going to try and focus on all of them or a mix of them.

THANK YOU!!! To all the bloggers that have participated this year. It’s been so fun seeing your posts! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year complete. Next month, will be one year but I just wanted to thank everyone for their posts. I have loved them all. ❤

It’s as easy as that! I just wanted something different to post about that didn’t require too much thinking. Who doesn’t love colorful covers though?! Here’s a list of the colors throughout the year if you want to plan ahead 🙂

*All my gems and info is just from a quick google search!* Not an expert!

11 thoughts on “Birthstone Book Covers: December!

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  2. Can’t wait until a month roll in that *isn’t* a blue stone… man, why so many of those?? 😅 This brought me to wanna find more about my stones & their significations.. as I’ve learnt some month, such as december, has more than one as some stones might be harder to get..

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