Bookish Smash or Pass Book Tag!

This was created by the lovely Becky @ Becky’s Book Blog! She honored me with a tag and I’m so excited about this one! Love supporting new tags/posts fellow bloggers have created. She states that there are no rules, just tag her, and whoever tagged you! Also, have fun with it! I want to thank everyone that has tagged me in this.. there are a lot of you! I just had this sitting in my drafts for far too long!

Bookish Tropes

Smash! I am all for most tropes except for a small handful. I despise a love triangle though. Enemies-to-lovers is my absolute favorite!

Alternating POV

Hard Smash. What does that mean? I’m not sure but I LOVE getting multiple POV’s.

Ambigious Endings

Pass. I can’t… I just need an ending that’s complete. haha.


Light Smash. I’ve been reading a lot of memoirs over the last couple of years and have thoroughly enjoyed them. Well, I will always listen to the audio because it’s so much better. I also read a lot of cookbooks and gardening books. Other than that.. it about sums up my non-fiction.

Historical Setting

Smash. I have enjoyed many historical fiction books! They can be pretty emotional at times and they really stick with me!

Morally Grey characters

Hard Smash. LOVE morally grey characters. It can add so much more to the plot and supporting characters!

First Person POV

Pass. It’s okay… I just don’t prefer it.


Light Smash. I can only do memoirs. I cannot concentrate on anything else, for some odd reason!


Pass. I hardly ever re-read. I won’t unless it’s been years since I read the first in a series and I want to continue it.

Classic novels

Pass. I just don’t really get into them. I did love Pride and Prejudice and plan to read more by Austen but other then that.. nah.


Light Smash. I don’t do this all the time… but I love doing it with buddy reads or epic fantasy reads. Sometimes I forget to go back through when I write my reviews and wonder why I did all the work. haha

Cracking Book Spines

Hard PASS. I can’t… I can’t. omg.. I can’t! Noooooo


Light Smash. I can do it… and I don’t mind it… but sometimes it can be too much and take over the plot.

Character Driven Books

Light Smash. I don’t mind a character-driven book if it’s done right!

Past/Present Split Timeline

Pass. I don’t typically like reading these because more often than not, they are done very badly.

Heavy World Building

Smash. I love heavy world-building as long as, it’s not a bunch of info dumps. I think heavy world-building, especially, in adult epic fantasies is essential.

I Tag:

If you are reading this and have not done this tag then consider yourself tagged!! I have had this in my drafts for too long, and for the sake of time, I’m tagging everyone. lol

15 thoughts on “Bookish Smash or Pass Book Tag!

    • DO IT!! I tagged you, since you haven’t done it yet- haha! 🙂 It has to be done so well that I don’t feel like it was “unfinished.” Also, I just hate having to make up my own ending in my head. lol

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  1. Ambiguous endings are not my jam either! I mean, I’m not at all surprised by the smashes and passes here and I’m pretty much in agreement with all of them 😂 And I think that’s why we make such good reading buddies and friends 💜 I also think love triangles need to exit the building, lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, I think so too! It’s def. why we make awesome buddy read partners! Right?! Love triangles need to gooo away and they need to stop making them a thing!!! 😆


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