Top Ten Tuesday: Series I Need to Finish!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Each week there is a new topic for bloggers to choose and list their top ten. This week is Top Ten Series I Want to Finish!! This week is a freebie but I think I need this list for myself. haha

Happy Tuesday!! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve participated. Things have been crazy busy. I hope everyone is doing well and how are we at the end of January, already?!? Below I’m talking about series I really want to finish. I need to just DO IT. It’s always so hard for me to continue on.

Veronica Speedwell series by Deanna Raybourn. I have been reading them the last couple of weeks and really enjoying them! Up next is book #5-8 (I’ve got an arc for 8 and pumped!)

The Last Hours by Cassandra Clare. I need to read book two and get ready for book 3. It’s shipped and on it’s way!!

The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson. I’m currently in the second book. These are so chunky and it hasn’t really meshed with my mood reading. Trying to get at least 1 this year!

The Faithful and the Fallen by John Gwynne. I am buddy reading this series with Dini. I hope we can jump into book two soon because we loved Malice!

The Mistborn Saga by Brandon Sanderson. I really loved Mistborn and yet to pick up the second book! Hoping I can this year.

Frostheart by Jamie Littler. I just need to read this last book!! This should be an easy one to check off. Hoping to get to it soon!!

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. I’ve been in the middle of this book for a couple of years. I really want to finish it! I need to make it a point to read 1-2 a year.

Pages & Co. by Anna James. I own all of these and just need to sit down, to read the next few, before the next release.

This Mortal Coil by Emily Suvada. I read book one and two and love them. I just need to finish up!!!

The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. I loved book 1 and pre-ordered book 2. I need to catch up!!

I think there’s some on here I can really knock off before the baby comes. I hope so anyways. I need to stop requesting arcs! haha- I’ve done MUCH better so far than last year. I hope everyone has a lovely week! ❤

71 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Series I Need to Finish!

  1. I’ve been having the same issue with Stormlight Archives. I spent all of last year trying to get myself to read it but only managed 20%. I picked up The Well of Ascension last week and it is going smoother! I hope you are able to knock a couple off your series TBR, happy reading!

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    • I should have known better because my mood reading has been insane. Stormlight is amazing but requires a lot of time and thought. I’m glad that The Well of Ascension is going smoother. Those books are not as dense as his other series!

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  2. I really need to read book two of The Last Hours too but I also don’t want to? The first book was so long and disappointing as teenage me loved TID and I loved the characters in the novellas but in their own series I was a little meh about it. I buddy read the first book and it took us like three months to finish the first book. Hopefully we finally read the sequel we will enjoy it more because I really want to love James and Matthew again.

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    • Yes, they are INSANELY long. I think they are too long. I did like the first book but not as much as her others. I’ve heard amazing things about book two though. I just got book three in the mail today. So, it’s on the plans for Feb, hopefully. I hope we both enjoy the sequel more!

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  3. I really want to read The Inheritance Games! I’m waiting to get my hands on the USA covers, and it’s not been easy in the UK (but will be worth the wait–USA are far superior). Best of luck reading these, and with the rest of your pregnancy!

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  4. Good luck with finishing up all of these series! I am such a huge fan of the Outlander series, and I also want to finish The Lost Hours series, but I definitely need a reread before I start the last book, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be a while before I can access it through the library anyway.

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  5. I definitely want to read The Inheritance Game Series at some point because I hear it’s so good! A series I hope to read this year is the Shadow & Bone series because I want to watch the show but I want to read the books first.

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  6. Great list topic! I could make a Top One Hundred list for this one. LOL. I adore the Veronica Speedwell series. I should re-read the original Mistborn series and then the newer ones, which I haven’t read. I also really like the Barnes series, although I still haven’t read the third one. Good luck on all these!

    Happy TTT!


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  8. Oh boy do I feel this post! My copy of Chain of Thorns is on its way, too, delayed because we’re in the middle of an ice storm. 😃 I’m on book 8 of Outlander, but yes, staying up with those is hard! The show is the only thing that motivates me to keep up. Ha!

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    • Ahh, I’ve been hearing about the ice. I hope all is well and it melts soon. 🙂 I used to do so well to keep up with the shows but then I got two seasons behind and have lost motivation. Maybe I should re-motivate myself before the next season comes out! Stay warm and I hope you get Chain of Thorns soon!


  9. I struggled with finishing series as well, this was my topic choice too! The Stormlight Archives books are SO chunky, definitely intimidating to try to get to. I read the first Mistborn book years ago and want to finish, but feel like I’ll need to re-read the first so I think that’s holding me back, haha. I also really want to start the Frostheart and Pages & Co series. I hope you get a chance to finish these series!

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    • I read Mistborn not so long ago. I need to move it and keep going before I do need a re-read. Then I feel like I will never get to it. haha. Pages & Co and Frostheart are so fun and light hearted! Definitely ones that I need to just power through and finish/catch up.


  10. Great topic idea! I also have a lot of series I need to catch up on. Maybe I’ll do a similar post next time there’s a freebie. 🙂

    One of the ones on my list is also the Inheritance Games series. I planned to finish them when book three came out last year but then I heard there might be another book in the works so I think I’ll wait a little longer to finish it.

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    • Thank you! Go for it! It really helps you pick some series to try and just finish.
      Oh yes! The Inheritance Games is one that I really want to finish. I need to look it up because I know there’s another book but it might be a spin-off or prequel.

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  11. Can’t wait to continue Gwynne’s series this year—reckon we can finish the series by year end? It’s gonna be a busy time for you especially 😂 I know we also said we’d do Mistborn together and I’m still keen, I just need to start my re-read of the first book and then we can kick off the second! Let’s talk about when we want to start that (and maybe a couple of our other planned reads?)! I hope you get through as many of these as possible, Leslie! 💜

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