Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Female MC’s!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Each week there is a new topic for bloggers to choose and list their top ten. This week is Top Ten Favorite Female MC’s!

I did have to think about this one a little bit. I’m making this a little bit loose and going with my favorite female MC’s! I don’t typically think some of these can be “Heroines” or maybe. Either way, I’m covering my bases here. haha.

Throne of Glass

Celaena/Aelin will always be one of my faves!!

Finlay Donovan Is Killing It

Finlay and Vero.. kind of cheating here because I love both of them. Don’t typically think they fall into “heroine” haha. Regardless, love them a lot in this series!

Shadow of the Gods

Orka is my all-time favorite heroine/female MC of all time.

A Curious Beginning

Veronica is a character that I’ve loved getting to know. She’s very blunt but funny. Loving this series as a whole.

Clockwork Angel

Tessa will always be a favorite of mine in this series. I know, she doesn’t get as much writing time but she’s such an important part of this world.

Game of Thrones

I’ve got to give an oldie some shout out. Sansa was one that I did not like for most of this series. Arya was always a fave, still is. I think that Sansa was one of the most impressive character arcs in this series. Gotta give her props. I went from hating her to cheering for her like crazy.


I want to be Alana when I grow up. That’s all.

Bridge Kingdom

Lara makes this series.

Mindf*ck Series

Lana. Holy wow… this is insane but in the best way.

Greenbone Saga

I’m kind of cheating and picking two here. Wren and Shae are basically the bones of this series.

I am so excited to see what everyone else has put on their list. Leave your link down below and let’s chat!!

64 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Female MC’s!

  1. Absolutely agree about Sansa. I appreciated her so much more on my second re- read. And I don’t know if you’ve ever read the Winds of winter sample chapter where she’s posing as Alayne- Littlefinger’s daughter- but it’s AMAZING.

    I do want to try the Raybourn series.

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  2. I love this list so much! I definitely agree that while Finlay and Vero aren’t your typical heroine, they are favorites of mine as well. And I have to agree with you about Sansa. While I’m firmly Team Arya, Sansa had a major shift throughout the series, and she definitely grew on me so much. And how can you not love Tessa? Now I’m even more curious about the other books on this list.

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    • Thank you!! Yes, I was team Arya the whole way, but Sansa definitely snuck up on me. She went from the weakest to one of the strongest, in the end. Hard not to appreciate that!! I think you should check them out then!! πŸ™‚

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  3. The Shadow of the Gods is on my TBR! I love the cover too. I also did not like Sansa, but ended up loving her by the end (I have to admit, though, this is based on the show as I have not finished reading the entire series)

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    • You are in for a treat with Shadow of the Gods. Book 1 & 2 were both top books of the year for me, when they came out. SO good but also really intense. I felt the same way in the books and the show! They did a pretty good job with it until the last couple of seasons.. lol


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