Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I’d love to Meet!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Each week there is a new topic for bloggers to choose and list their top ten. This week is Top Ten Bookish People I’d Like To Meet (These can be authors, book characters, book bloggers/influencers, cover designers, cover models, etc.)

I’m not sure if I’ve done a similar post before but if so, I’m sure it has changed a lot. I’m making a list of authors I would love to meet! Also, I own many, if not all, of their books and would love to have them signed!! They are in no particular order & there might be a few extra.

  • Cassandra Clare– I’ve read so many of her books and for YEARS that I just need to meet the lady!
  • Deanna Raybourn– She’s been so fun to follow online and I’m loving Veronica Speedwell & Killers of A Certain Age!
  • John Gwynne– I just want to ask him.. WHY!? IYKYK.. I’m not giving up complete hope until book 3. lol
  • Fredrik Backman– Several of his books are on my all-time favorite’s list. I need to meet him but he lives far away!
  • Sarah J. Maas– Okay, you can hate her.. that’s fine.. but I don’t! Sorry, not sorry. I just love so many of her books.
  • Brandon Sanderson– He is brilliant and that is all.
  • Andrea Stewart– I actually interact with her on Twitter often. She seems like someone I need to meet. 🙂
  • Taylor Jenkins Reid– Her books are just too good! I need them all signed.
  • V.E. Schwab– She’s also an interesting follow on Twitter but her books are just so good!
  • Michelle Obama– She’s amazing!
  • Emily Henry– Her books are constant hits for me.
  • Christina Lauren– They seem like a lot of fun and they have so many amazing hits!

Happy TTT! Leave your link down below and let’s chat!!

52 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I’d love to Meet!

  1. This is a great list! I wouldn’t mind meeting many of the people on your list, even though there’s some on there who I haven’t read any books from (yet). Hopefully you’ll get to meet some of them someday!

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  2. I’ve been lucky enough to meet VE Schwab a few times and she’s so lovely, she always has a massive signing line and is often signing for 3-4 hours but she’s always so friendly, you’d never know that she’d been doing it for that long! I’ve also met Sarah J Maas once, I think that was the last event that she did where she actually did a signing line because the event I went to after that, all her books were pre-signed and they were doing like a raffle for a meet and greet opportunity where only a certain number of people got to meet her.
    My TTT:

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    • That is so cool!! I love when authors have huge lines and they are totally chill. I mean, they have to love the fact that all these people want to meet them. That is such a bummer about SJM. I would be so sad to not get to just stand in line and get my book signed and make a fool of myself for 20 seconds. haha!


      • Yeah it definitely is a massive compliment that so many people want to meet you and talk about your work. I was at a book con once and it was the first time there for one of the authors I was seeing, and she swore when she found out her line was so long it was being ticketed and I was like “yup, that would be me”. Yeah it was a shame, but I mean I do understand these huge signing queues can be a bit unsustainable if they’re happening regularly on long book tours!

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        • Absolutely! I think for the most part they are all impressed and excited about it. I can see how it could be overwhelming if it’s like that at every event though. I wonder now, how things would be, since it’s been all stilted since Covid. Probably insane lines! haha


  3. Meeting Cassandra Clare would be so surreal in a way since I’ve been reading her books since I was barely a teenager. They’ve been in so much of my life, and it sounds like it’s the same for you! Would you ask things about the books / writing, or just hang out and chat about life?

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    • Yes, it has been that long for me too and kind of crazy to think about! Haha. Honestly, my past experiences with meet and greets… have had me frozen! Haha. I would absolutely just chat about life or what comes to mind in the moment. 😊


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