Review: Veronica Speedwell series 1-7 by Deanna Raybourn

I’m going to be doing mini-versions of all these books! I did start this post last year and planned on doing this but it never happened. Thankfully, I decided to really attack this series in January of this year. It worked and I’ve caught up 100% I am doing my best to not include spoilers but it’s kind of hard when you have so many books in the series. I’ve done a few sentences per book and I’ll be doing a full review for book 8, since it’s an ARC. If you don’t want to read through all of these book mini-reviews, just know that I have thoroughly enjoyed this series so much! Highly recommend!!

If you are looking for a fun Victorian mystery novel then look no further! Veronica Speedwell is a lepidopterist- she studies butterflies. She’s very science minded and that helps her with solve a mystery. She keeps close attention to details and is very blunt. I love how she’s not the typical “society lady,” and she has no qualms about it! We also have the handsome and grumpy Stoker. He adds so much to this story and I love the dynamic between he and Veronica! This was a bit predictable but it did not take away from my enjoyment. Loved it!

These covers are so stunning!! Anyways, we start off just where book two left us. They are getting back into their groove and trying to figure out life. They are working together and living together- what a scandal! They are have a romance budding, I know it! These two are so stubborn at times that I feel like it’s going to be one of the slowest burn romances. It’s okay though! I love their banter and how they work together. We have another mystery and Veronica can meet more of her family. I don’t want to say too much here because it would be a spoiler for book one. We do get to know more about Stoker’s past too, which is fabulous. He’s so mysterious and I just need to know more!

This one might be my favorite so far! We get some Egyptian mythology in this one, which I adored. It’s a little bit of a different scene, even though we don’t really leave London. We learn leaps and bounds about Stoker’s past and I’m glad that he can FINALLY put some of it to rest. He needed closure, which I think we get here. He and Veronica are really so so close to becoming more than friends/co-workers. They are both so in love with each other that it’s obvious to everyone. They are still so stubborn and set in their ways that we are nowhere close to it yet. These two really need to have a meaningful talk or KISS! haha. Another great mystery. These are such quick reads and I highly recommend them!!

YES!!!! We are finally getting somewhere with Stoker and Veronica! Things got intense with them but it was very entertaining. This book might be one of my favorites because we learn so much more about Stoker and his past. His brother comes to them for help and it was so great seeing their past being worked on. Tiberius is hilarious and I love his rapport with Veronica. There are so many ranges of emotion with this one. I really enjoyed it and I cannot wait to start the next book!

Another fun time with Veronica and Stoker! We do get to see a bit of Tiberius in this one. He’s definitely becoming a favorite because the banter between he and Stoker is top notch! This might have been my least favorite in regards to the actual plot/mystery. It’s not bad but I didn’t love the whole sex club vibe and Veronica’s uncle is so annoying. What I did love was the fact that we are FINALLY moving with Veronica and Stoker’s relationship. It’s such a slow burn but it is so amazing. I adore this series and I cannot wait to jump into the next book!!

What another fun mystery! Haha.. I don’t have a clue how Veronica and Stoker keep finding themselves in these situations. This one was a bit fun because Veronica does go under cover a bit. I think she can see a taste of a life she could have had and is grateful for the life she does have. I do wish that we would have gotten a little more of Veronica and Stoker coming to terms and figuring out things for the future. I shouldn’t be surprised though because the whole series their relationship has not been the main focus! Can’t wait for the next adventure!!

This might be one of my favorite books in the series. I was so stressed through this one! Veronica Speedwell’s past is finally catching up to her and it’s really more interesting than I could have imagined. I think there’s a lot of things that Veronica and Stoker need to work out in this one. The one thing about these books is that the romance is great but slow. It’s always put on the backburner for the current adventure/mystery. I’m so glad that I had an ARC to book 8 and got to jump right into it. I do think that Veronica had to learn a lot of things about herself and finally grow in her relationships. I have loved this series so much. Sometimes the mystery is a bit obvious but it does not take away from my enjoyment. If you haven’t started this series yet then I highly suggest you do! 🙂

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    • I’m so glad you love it too! I feel like there’s several of us reading through the series the last couple of months and it’s been so fun to talk about!


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