Review: The Light We Carry by Michelle Obama

Title: The Light We Carry

Author: Michelle Obama

Publisher: Crown

Published: November, 15 2022

Pages: 319

Format: Audiobook from Libby!

I have been wanting on the library list for SO long!! I got the notification and immediately downloaded and started listening. It took me a little longer to finish than I wanted because there was a lot going on. Regardless, I enjoyed this immensely!

“When they go low, we go high!”

I think one of my favorite things about her books is the fact that they are so full of wisdom and quotes that are so applicable to everyone. I am going through a rough mental battle with this pregnancy. There were times that she would talk about something, and I would start crying. Omg, this is something I can relate to right now!! There’s a whole section about fear and limitations and I’ll add a small quote.

“Our hurts become our fears. Our fears become our limits. For many of us, this can be a heavy inheritance, carried by generations. It’s a lot to try to push back against, to try to unlearn.”

I’ve seen some people talk about how there wasn’t a lot that’s happened since her last book. I mean, was that the intention? She’s talking about personal stories and trying to be uplifting in the crazy and horrible world. I didn’t really take anything away from me. Was I hoping that she would end it by saying, I’m running in 2024?! Yes. haha. I loved the chapters about her mom and the help she gave while they were in the Whitehouse. She really did so well to keep them grounded too.

“Read books by people whose perspective is different from yours, listen to voices you haven’t heard before, look for narratives that are new to you. In them and with them, you might end up finding more room for yourself.”

There’s a lot of things in this world that are changing for the worse and I love how she doesn’t hold back. She’s honest and doesn’t worry about the backlash. The insights with her family and husband are my favorite though. I love the shade she throws at Barack when it comes to him being a husband. haha. They are just like us.

Overall, I loved this! I laughed and I cried. I really enjoyed my time with this audiobook and will always recommend listening to it. She has a wonderful voice and cadence for telling her story. I can’t wait for the next one!!

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