My name is Leslie and I love to read. I used to work at a Library, so I’m legit into books. 🙂

I do a lot of reviews. I will post reviews for authors too. I have a Goodreads account that I use religiously.

I also have a netgalley account where I will receive E-ARC’s of books to review for authors.

I always make sure my reviews are my OWN opinions and THOUGHTS. The cool thing about it is that I have some influence at my job. I got my library to order copies of “A Man Called Ove” before it turned into a huge sensation! By the way, read that book and watch the movie ASAP!

My favorite genre is YA Fantasy. I’ll read anything in YA and a lot of Adult Fiction too. I read a lot so I can recommend books!

I co-run a YA book club with librarians and previous library co-workers.

I’m active in a few Facebook groups for book lovers.

Litsy: Lamoore8711