Magical Readathon-Orilium: Spring Equinox 2023!

It is time for year two and the Spring Equinox!! A recap: I'm in the Archivists guild and Godseer is my calling. This readathon is hosted by G at bookroast on youtube. You can watch her video here. Thank you, G! This is such an amazing and creative readathon. Thanks for all the hard work and … Continue reading Magical Readathon-Orilium: Spring Equinox 2023!

Magical Readathon: Choose Your Own Adventure!

One of my favorite readathons is the Magical Readathon hosted by G. It's brilliant and immersive. She's added a year-long choose your own adventure! If you haven't participated in any of the past readathons, it's totally okay! You can do this on your own without any of the other readathons! I'm turning Left and … Continue reading Magical Readathon: Choose Your Own Adventure!